dr manisha morya



Many years of experience in Physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre at SSBH includes Consultation, diagnostic examination, SD curve, Muscle testing, ADL testing, Manual therapy, Active/ assented, Passive/ resisted, guarded resisted exercises.

Equipments-Cervical/lumbarration,SWD,Ultrasonic Electric Nerie stimulation, Muscle stimulation, Vacuum therapy, Cellulites heating mobility, 24 channel slimmu, wax tub, hydrocollator, Vibrator, salicylic, 4 in one jogger, Abdominal exerciser, shoulder pully, shoulder wheel, ladder, Heel ankle exerciser.

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Best hospital for Gastric problems in Haridwar. Provide all medical facilities. Dr. Nitin Verma is a best Gastroenterologist in Haridwar. They give sufficient time to patients to listen and understand their problems. If you want concultation with Dr. Nitin at the earliest, you have to reach hospital before 9 AM so that you would get early number. Hospital charges are cost effective. As compared to other hospitals and different clinics in Haridwar, Bhumanand Hospital is the best. In Gynaecology department, way of talking of Dr. komal Rathore is very bad.

Anupam Pandey Avatar Anupam Pandey
January 7, 2022

Got treatment for orthopedic department, really good, totally satisfied with the results,all staff is cooperative.

Akash Pandey Avatar Akash Pandey
April 22, 2019

Best hospital for treatment

Pankaj singh Kandwal Avatar Pankaj singh Kandwal
September 8, 2020

good hospitality......my mom had a DNC there , i am very pleased from their services and treatments ,they have a medical store and canteen too so if there is any medicine or any specific food given by the doctor then you can go ahead purchase it from the hospital itself .In a nutshell IT HAS EVERYTHING WHAT A HOSPITAL NEEDS. little improvements can make it an ideal hospital

Shagun Kumari_10C_33 Avatar Shagun Kumari_10C_33
January 28, 2021

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