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Many years of experience in Ophthalmology.


The Department of Ophthalmology at SSBH strives to offer the best to its patients and has been at the forefront of delivering specialized eye care services for various disorders. The department provides comprehensive ophthalmology services in association with Centre For Sight and has in place the most modern equipment. The department extends its services to all ophthalmic modalities including Refractive Procedures (vision correction procedures), Cataract, Glaucoma,  Uvea, Pediatrics , Neuro-Ophthalmology, and tumors, Opticals and Vision Aids, Contact Lens and Comprehensive Eye Check up. Advanced facility and investigative methods enable our specialists to choose the best approach for treatment of glaucoma, vitreo-retinal diseases, corneal problems, uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, tumors and other eye disorders.

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Best hospital for Gastric problems in Haridwar. Provide all medical facilities. Dr. Nitin Verma is a best Gastroenterologist in Haridwar. They give sufficient time to patients to listen and understand their problems. If you want concultation with Dr. Nitin at the earliest, you have to reach hospital before 9 AM so that you would get early number. Hospital charges are cost effective. As compared to other hospitals and different clinics in Haridwar, Bhumanand Hospital is the best. In Gynaecology department, way of talking of Dr. komal Rathore is very bad.

Anupam Pandey Avatar Anupam Pandey
January 7, 2022

I was in the hospital of the Swami in 2011, they healed me a critical amebiasis, rough but efficient, cheap attention. Very grateful to the staff, I am a foreign tourist

Rod Rigo Avatar Rod Rigo
January 17, 2019

Bhumanand Hospital is very affordable , staffs are very polite . Hospital charges and fees are normal , affordable to everyone . Pharmacy is available inside campus . In hospital campus "clear dekho" opticals store is also available . In conclusion they have all the services you need.

Swaraj Saw Avatar Swaraj Saw
January 8, 2022

Hospital is good ... Working staff is good.

Shivam Sharma Avatar Shivam Sharma
November 7, 2020

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