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Many years of experience in the Obstetrics & Gynecology


The Obstetrics & Gynecology Department at SSB Hospital is amongst the best in Haridwar with dedicated birthing rooms equipped with fetal monitors to follow the progress of labor and provide a facility for painless delivery. The department has dedicated operating rooms for caesarean section in the same complex. The department also offers Laparoscopic surgery for removal of tumors and cysts through key-hole incisions including management of complex disorders like Adhesions, ovarian, cyst, ectopic, pregnancies, endometriosis, PCOD  without incision or stitches. The Hospital aims at providing the most successful, high quality fertility treatment in a personalized and confidential environment.

The Obstetrics & Gynecology
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I have only experienced the behavior of thier people the doctors are very nice as expected because they are educated, but the ESI office is staff is not well, they all behave like chaprasi so they are.

mohammad shahid Avatar mohammad shahid
May 23, 2018

All staff are good and I am very thankful to Dr Akash Jain & Dr Prasad , both are best surgeon in Bhumanand Hospital.

Amit Kumar Avatar Amit Kumar
March 4, 2021

Medical staff and nurses are very humble , caring I'm giving 5/5 to medical staff of Bhumanand hospital .

dark side Avatar dark side
January 8, 2022

A real hospital. Less expensive than others and they treat not to loot a person but to fix and discharge. Good job

Garry Vlogs Avatar Garry Vlogs
August 31, 2020

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